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The Illusionist

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August 26, 2011
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Game Description

Find all the items hidden on the picture! Your score depends on how fast you are in searching for these objects.
The objects that you will have to find are displayed in the small window at the bottom right corner of the screen one by one. When you find one object, it will disappear from the picture, and the following object will appear in the window. Be fast and score more!

The graphics of the game is really nice and the objects are quite easy to find.

There are no hints in this game, however you will most probably find out that they are not really needed.

You will enjoy this game if you like simple hidden object games with no plot.

If you like Popeye and hidden object games, then you should definitely try yourself in fining all numbers hidden in the picture from the cartoon about the funny sailor!

1 rating, 1 vote1 rating, 1 vote Rating: +1

In the second part of the game you will continue solving the mystery of  Anan-thotep - the ancient Egyptian mummy - and its ominous curse.

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Try being a diver and find beautiful shells at the bottom of the ocean!

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Earn money while being in the close proximity of the stars that rarely come down on earth! Serve them at Jetsetter and earn fame and money!

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Travel around Europe exploring amazing locations and help Jacques through his dangerous adventure!

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A long, long time ago a renowned warrior and ruler Alexander the Great endued his crown, dagger and ring with magical powers. Can you collect all the three artifacts in order to save the world?

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