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The Lost Kingdom Prophecy Online

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December 27, 2010
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Game Description

Help Serena save her Kingdom of Rosefal from an evil magician Balaak who wants to destroy it! The fate of the whole Kingdom is in your hands, so – good luck, Hero!

To stop Balaak and his dark army, you need to complete this game. The elements of match-3 make the plot even more interesting. You are going to explore the game with the increased interest, as each of its levels has challenging tasks for you to solve.

At the level 1 your mission is to find the parts of the lost objects and place them together to make the objects wholeagain, then put these objects into their corresponding places.

From the 2nd level and above, you are going to deal with the ancient puzzles that you should solve to obtain the objects. The chain mechanic principle is used for these puzzles – which means you should click a token then move the mouse over matching neighbouring tokens to highlight them, release the mouse button to end the selection and thus destroy the highlighted tokens. Your task is to break all coloured tiles. For destroying huge groups of tiles you are given one of the four help-tools: the one that can destroy one token, the one destroying a group of tokens, the one that ramdomises all tokens and the one that destroys several random tokens.

For this, you certainly gain points. The good news is that your time for this game is unlimited, so you can enjoy it as long as you want. Excellent graphics contributes to the pleasure you get from playing this game!

If you like this game you can download the full version of The Lost Kingdom Prophecy.

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