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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal Online

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December 28, 2010
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Game Description

Solve multiple interesting puzzles and search for the objects in this game whose style can be characterised as a mixture of quest and hidden object game! Help Nicole Rankwist find her father!The gameplay is mostly “intuitive”, which is more, you can use hints, so there will be no difficulties for anyone to play it. There is also no time limit in the game, so you can take your time when searching for the hidden objects and solving puzzles.

Once you get to the first scene, you might be lost and uncertain where you should start your game. In contrast to most of the games of the same style, this one does not provide you with a list of items you should find. However, once you start clicking on the objects on the picture, pretty soon you will discover several Key Objects – the ones that open up revealing several circles containing black-and-white pictures of object to be found so that to “complete” the key obect. The location of the Key Objects can easily be determined if you are attentive enough: once your cursor is at the location of the key object it (the cursor) will turn into a hand.

The cursor can give you some more hints. For example, once it turns into a magnifying glass, you should carefully look at the items which are situated inside of this object. By clicking on this object you can get a closeup of what is inside. Sometimes the items would be broken into several pieces, so you will have to put them together and then you can pick the item.

In the game you also have unlimited hints, however once you use it, it will take about half a minute to restore it again. The hints helo you to find the objects showing a stroke of light going from there the key object is towards the place the item to be placed into this key object is located.

Be attentive and keep in mind that in this game the objects may be located in the scene at the angles different than those shown in the pictures. The game has a lot of innovations, and each of its levels is beautifully designed and has very good graphics. A high-quality music also contributes to the gamer’s pleasure.

The game can be recommended to anyone who loves hidden object games, its only drawback being that you do not get penalized  for tandom clicking, unlimited hints, no time limits. However, some would consider those the game’s advantages. So enjoy this excellent game with different puzzles and minigames!

If you like this game you can download the full version of The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal.

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