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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal

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April 19, 2009
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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal
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The Mystery of the Crystal Portal game screenshotThe Mystery of the Crystal Portal game screenshotThe Mystery of the Crystal Portal game screenshotThe Mystery of the Crystal Portal game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 128 MB
DirectX: 7.0 or later
CPU: P800
Video: 32MB 3D accelerated video card

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Find out the parts of the Crystal portal and restore the object that has the potential to change the world! Visit various countries and solve the mystery!

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    The Mystery of the Crystal Portal review

    RealArcade has again opened up its bag of goodies to provide us with a new hidden object game! Yes, and this time it is the ‘Mystery of the Crystal Balls’ that is going to take us hunting for new objects. The game reveals its own positives and negatives as we analyze them one by one.

    The story is woven around a journalist called Nicole Rankvist who has an archaeologist father. One day Nicole receives a note from her father informing her that he has found an object that has the potential of changing the whole world. As anticipated, her father goes missing and Nicole tries to find out the missing links for completing the Crystal Portal while locating all the hidden objects at various locations around the world.

    Nicole goes around the world visiting five different countries in search of clues. She visits places like Japan, Guatemala, Swiss Alps and Russia. There are two to three scenes for each location and you also do not need to search for tough objects. There are also some items that you need to collect in order to use them in the next round. You also need to find container items, solve puzzles and tile fragments which are required to reach to the final stage in a round. The final stage is almost always a puzzle that you need to solve and win.

    Container items are the most important aspects of the game and finding them doesn’t mean the end of it. The container items when clicked will open to reveal another item list that you need to find out. After finding the second set, you will have to click and drop them inside the container for completing the stage.

    At times some of the containers on being completed split up to provide you with an item that has to be used at other scenes. These items can contain anything like a can of Gasoline which you will require to power the generator inside a cave.
    Certain containers, when completed, will move or disintegrate to reveal additional objects underneath. Some objects have to be found and used in other scenes, such as finding a can of gasoline to power a generator to light up a darkened cave for you to explore. There is only one problem with the containers and it is that you do not know how they look like before accidentally clicking on them. After you have clicked on the container you will find little objects inside it that you need to find. The only thing that gamers have been saved from is the absence of penalties for random clicks.

    Conclusion: There are certain small flaws in the game like the absence of a smooth flow in the storyline. For instance, there is a scene where Nicole exclaims that the last stone piece was somewhere behind the fireplace which actually was found on the shelf. Barring these few glitches, there are not many things to sulk about in the game. The graphics are really beautiful and the locales were also well researched. This game cannot be placed among the top rung HOG games, but certainly provides a reason to give it a single try. All in all a good game and a good try on the part of the developers.

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