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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

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August 20, 2009
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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
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Hard Drive: 124 MB
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
OS: Windows XP/Vista

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  • Get ready for the unsolved mystery of Mary Celeste and set out to rescue the crews.

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    The Mystery of the Mary Celeste review

    The plot goes like this: The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship that was discovered in 1872 anonymous and was later abandoned in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. The ship set off in a very congenial weather and was in perfect condition. It was in full sail full with 6 months food and water on board. But bad luck loomed over the ship and made it perilous over the sea. The cargo of the ship was left untouched, and the personal belongings of the crew, including valuables of the passengers were kept in tact. However, the crew disappeared and was never seen or heard again. Many term this as the greatest maritime mystery of all times. As the ancestor of the person who found the abandoned Mary Celeste, your task will be to don the role of Mary Morehouse as she joins the guests and crew of the Mary Celeste II on its maiden voyage. Shortly after the ship leaves, a series of rather inexplicable events unfold and Mary must ensure that nothing untoward happens to her or the crew members and the guests in this ill-fated ship.

    In this game of adventure, you will have to solve a lot of mysteries and the disappearance of the ship. Through the course of the game, you will clues to save the ship from the impending danger. At every step of the game, you will find instructions to play the game. However, the game can get mundane after a while, due to the series of endless instructions. The Mystery of the Mary Celeste is a thrilling hidden object game with a haunting storyline full of mysteries and unknown.

    The Mystery of the Mary Celeste game opens as Mary Morehouse finds herself aboard the Mary Celeste II which takes to the open sea. As soon as the ship sets sail strange and mysterious things begin to happen. A furious storm, lightning flashes, creepy sounds, ghostly visions and finally disappearance of the ship’s crew… Help Mary uncover the mystery of the ship and escape the cursed vessel by locating hidden objects and solving challenging inventory based puzzles.

    Featuring immersive atmosphere, spooky scenes and addictive hidden object game play, The Mystery of the Mary Celeste is an unforgettable adventure to the greatest mystery. Download The Mystery of the Mary Celeste game and be the first to uncover all the secrets of the Mary Celeste!

    Conclusion: The graphics are nice, but the pictures of the objects to search far are very, very tiny. There is no written description of the objects; so it makes it almost impossible in many cases to know what you are looking for. Some areas of certain scenes are quite dark and the objects hidden in those areas are extremely difficult to see. The hint system is quite good, thankfully. This game would tend to be rather short for playing time for most. The storyline is interesting, the mini-games are fun and engaging, but all in all, it is only average.

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