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The Spirit of Wandering: The Legend

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February 8, 2009
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The Spirit of Wandering: The Legend
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The Spirit of Wandering: The Legend game screenshotThe Spirit of Wandering: The Legend game screenshotThe Spirit of Wandering: The Legend game screenshotThe Spirit of Wandering: The Legend game screenshotThe Spirit of Wandering: The Legend game screenshotThe Spirit of Wandering: The Legend game screenshot
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System requirements:

Hard Drive: 90 MB
RAM: 128 MB
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
OS: Windows XP/Vista

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Follow engaging romantic story of a female pirate captain as she tries to free her lost team and her lover from the spirit world. Seek objects belonging to crew to return them into the real world!

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    The Spirit of Wandering: The Legend review

    Spirit of Wandering: The Legend is a game of a female pirate captain who losses her crew – including the lover, Jack – during an attack by the infamous ghost ship the ‘Flying Dutch man’. But the story don’t conclude here and starts with a new line, that crew aren’t dead but merely imprisoned in the spirit world, which means the captain must use her compass and Jack’s magic orb to get them back. Concealed object will soon be over the romantic hidden object adventure Spirit of Wandering: The Legend.

    There is a tendency of spirit to return to familiar places, the captain travels to the locations that were important to her six crew members in an effort to pull them back in the world of reality. However to have this she needs to recover a series of items, including special “cherished” items that were especially important to each crew member.

    Locations are split into several sub-scenes that contain a blend of normal and cherished items to find. In reality the cherished items are unique, the phase in and out of the real world , and can only be seen by holding the magic orb in front of them. Well to active the orb first- find a short list of normal items and just click on them with the tiny mouse to cross them off a list. Once the orb, is activated, its act like a homing beacon. The flames of the orb burn brighter by watching and listening to the verbal cues.
    A new set of normal items appears when the cherished items are found and the cycle continues till you find out all the cherished items in a given scene. Description of items are more cherished and imaginative- expect to search for “Grecian pitcher of brass,” “the curved blade of a soldier,” “a pirate’s hand pistol,” and “the bust of a nobleman.” Some descriptions border on riddles: “The home of golden bugs,” for example, refers to a green shield adorned with gold scorpions, while “a container for timely sand,” refers to an hourglass.

    The game is revealed with gorgeous graphics and suitably thrilling music that uniquely complements each level. The game offers eighteen scenes set across six locations that include pirate port, a primitive island village, an underwater grotto and the decks of the Flying Dutchman itself as well as six treasure troves.

    The new line of the story is well crafted and engaging. And it came the point that the six crew members that we are looking for quite well by the end of the game, credit to the colorful description that written in a dairy style book, and treasured the item that are matched to each crew member’s personality.

    Conclusions: After playing the game, Spirit of Wandering: The Legend, I personally felt that the game was good. It’s rarely interesting as its all about wanders. Technically the graphics and the sound complement with each other and the over all game is nice. I can say that as a game it is not only a good time pass but also very refreshing.

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