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Weekend Party Fashion Show

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July 13, 2009
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Weekend Party Fashion Show
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Weekend Party Fashion Show game screenshotWeekend Party Fashion Show game screenshotWeekend Party Fashion Show game screenshotWeekend Party Fashion Show game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 256 MB
DirectX: 9
CPU: 1.2 Ghz
Video: 3D 32MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Dress the divas the way you want them to look and see them burning the ramp as well as a few hearts while they sizzle in your dress!

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    Weekend Party Fashion Show review

    Do game developers who consider themselves as fashion experts have lesser grammatical sense? At least Weekend Party Fashion Show seems to give such an impression to us! This game is marred with numerous grammatical errors taking away the sheen from a comic-style game that had the potential to be one of the better hidden object games.

    You will have to play the character of Lilly who is a designer in an advertising firm and your job is to dress women for concerts, commercial, parties and photo shoots. The game is set in a mall and you will be handed a list of items to find from various stores. Obviously you have to gather the game in order to fulfill the dressing needs of the women you would attend to. You will have to surf through the stacks of clothing and accessories in order to complete your list. Things that you may have to find are ‘grey trendy sunglasses’, ‘gray embroidered blouse’ or dark yellow dress.

    You will pay a visit to the stores of a hair stylist, make-up artist and jeweler and will also be playing mini-games at every location. The mini games may consist of a tile game where you are required to flip them in order to match the accessories or even a make up mini-game where you will have to solve the jigsaw puzzle by putting the face of a woman together. There are not many problems with the mini-games but when you come to the section of the hidden object games that you realize you are in for a messy situation.

    There are numerous mistakes in the section of finding the hidden objects and it is very tough to avoid the glitches. The labeling of the items is flawed and this hits the overall gaming experience. For instance, the tank top has been labeled as blue blouse with printed design. There were also some descriptions that made me think twice about how any gaming company can survive with such horrible team of developers. Typos, grammar, wrong labeling are some that can be cited in the game. If I were to summarize all the flaws that I found in the game, it would take me a complete new review dedicated only for the flaws.

    After the collection of al the accessories and garments, you are required to dress up your model and you better have some dressing sense. There are no fashion tips as such but this was the only thing in the game that I found to be anywhere near to the word interesting.

    Conclusion: Weekend Party Fashion Show is a comedy of errors and there are more negatives to catch the eye than the positives. For instance, there is no record of the number of items that are left to be found, there is no way one can review the level objectives. There is now way that such shabby graphics are even considered for review and it is better not to talk about the other aspects. The length of the game is also very short and it would be better if the developers can think of a lengthier version the next time. This game can only appeal to those who are fashion freaks and hard core HOG gamers like us just don’t find the idea very interesting.

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