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Zulu’s Zoo

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August 5, 2009
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Zulu’s Zoo
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 164 MB

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  • Zulu’s Zoo will be a hit with the animal lovers. Well packaged, this hidden object game lacks the flair, and replay value due to its tackish concept and lacklusture visuals.

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    Zulu’s Zoo review

    Young animal lover Zulu needs your help. She is hell bent on winning the million-dollar prize money that has been kept for the best- run zoo in the country. With her love and your ingenuinity, she can tranform a run-down zoo to the best maintained zoo and ultimately win the coveted prize. This is the basic plot of Zulu’s Zoo, a hidden object game from the stable of Little Games Company.

    You are entrusted with the task of a supervisor, where you will have to visit numerous animal habitats and perform chores, which includes clean-up and relocating of animals.You have to co-ordinate your work with Zulu, as her task is cut out, simply because the zoo is totally littered and getting the crap cleared is going to be a herculean task. Your task includes removing the junk and litter using various tools that will be assigned to you like gardening equipment, musical instruments etc. Your task will also include feeding animals, finding the right type of animals like bears and birds that of the appropriate weight and sizes. The other tasks include dragging grass and removing flies that are an irritant to the animals in the zoo.

    You will earn a star, every time you complete a task. Once you reach a certain level you will have to take a test that will increase your rank and will allow you to access newer horizons in the game. This test which you will have to take will test you on your knowledge on the animal kingdom, your knowledge on the food chain, the correct habitat of the animals and so on. This game is untimed. However, if you click randomly, you will be penalized ( where the screen blurs for a few seconds).

    However, the interesting element in this game is the way you are allowed to spend the stars that you have earned by taking the tests. This game will surely be a hit with animal lovers, especially the manner in which you will be tested at regular intervals. Having said that Zulu’s Zoo lacks the visual appeal to stand out as a game par excellence.

    Another deterrant is that the scene are put together in a pretty shoddy manner. The animation, especially on some of the animals are interesting . For eg, the fish that swims across the sea. However, despite this high point, the arrangement and the overall packaging of this game is a turn off.

    Conclusion: The mini-games are equally unimaginative. Apart from that Memory matching and jigsaw are so childish, that it becomes a tad frustrating. Another dampner is that even though the Windowed mode is a menu option, it did not work out the way one would want to. Zulu’s Zoo is overall a decent hidden object game that goes a little overboard in terms of time (3-4 hours). It has its flaws, which can make is tackish and at times a real dampner. However, if you are an animal lover, you would definitely love to play this one.

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